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Antonio Prohías

Antonio Prohías was the premier non-political cartoonist in Cuba's Zig-Zag Magazine, especially with his character El Hombre Siniestro who would become Spy vs. Spy in Mad Magazine, the leading humor publication in the U.S.  He became an ardent political opposition critic to Castro's abuses, which led to his exile. Recognized by the Smithsonian, now Hollywood's leading producer, Ron Howard, has scheduled film production in 2020 of the Cold War Classic Spy vs. Spy with talents such as Ryan Goslin (married to Cuban American Eva Mendes).

Facts About Cuban Exiles - Antonio Prohias, creator of Spy v. Spy Cartoons for Mad Magazine

The Black Spy/Man in Black and White Spy/Spy in White, characters created by cartoonist Antonio Prohías, are shadowy operatives with matching ensembles and pointy noses who are always scheming to foil one another.

Fetner, 20, will play The Spy in White opposite Ryan Gosling, who will play The Spy in Black, Fetner’s publicist says, adding that Saoirse Ronan will play the Spy in Grey, The Spy in White’s love interest.

Production on the film will begin in Los Angeles in November of 2020. The movie has long been in the works. In 2011, Deadline reported that Warner Bros. was moving forward with Howard as director and Howard, David Koepp and Brian Grazer as producers. At the time, Koepp was to oversee a script from John Kamps.

Spy v Spy Cartoons created by Cuban Exile Antonio Prohias

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